Dorothy Grant's cultural couture

Looking for a one of a kind dress or sportcoat? Vancouver BC based Haida fashion designer Dorothy Grant brings her culture and keen eye for great style to casual and high-fashion apparel for men and women. In featuring ancient traditions, contemporary Haida design, and sustainable materials she creates wearable art that is both social and environmental responsibility. In her own words, the mission of Ms. Grant's work is to "share the richness of the Haida culture, to create a vehicle for transformation, pride and self-awareness, and to employ First Nations people." Most importantly, Ms. Grant's substance and style make here a fantastic role model for all those budding 'Indigenistas' out there. Brava! Reposted from Sustainable Sean

Latina Nina

I was psyched to hear judge Nina Garcia switch into Spanish in the first episode of Project Runway Season 8 on Lifetime. Casanova, one of season 8's competitors, wasn't quite understanding what host Heidi Klum was asking so Nina stepped right in to help out. Spanish is pretty rare in mainstream American television, particularly connected to design, so it really was great to see happen. Kudos for diversity in design! Originally posted on Sustainable Sean.

Scenery at Lower Elwha

Lower Elwha

Went ahead to next campsite...sunny but windy and cold at LEKT. Here
for three days.