Thirty Four Fibonaccis

Welcome to the 'Thirty Four Fibonaccis' project page. For this project I will weave thirty four Plateau style baskets with Fibonacci-based designs.

I am a Non-Native weaver who learned to weave from Joe Feddersen, a Colville Tribe artist and Evergreen Professor, and his Sister, Vicki Harlan, at the Tacoma Art Museum in the Fall of 2009. My friend, Patti Stennett, and I took the class so that we could make baskets for potlatch gifts. One of the things that I bring to my weaving is a great passion for science and design so I often try to incorporate this interest into the baskets I weave. Fibonacci-inspired designs are perfect for this so that's why I set out on this project.

Why 34? Well, first of all, 34 is one of the numbers in the Fibonacci number string...1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc. No other profound reason, I just thought that 'Thirty Four Fibonaccis' sounded better than 'Twenty One' or any of the other numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.

Please come back soon and often to check on on my progress.

Design Names:
1. Longhouse Lines
2. The place where the salmon jump
3. Emergence

1. 2.


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